MapHist Archive 2002-2005


Since 1 February 2002 the contributions sent to MapHist are not archived. The archives from 1994 up to January 2002 were kept on the Harvard server, but are no longer available. Until 2002 annually, the MapHist CD-Rom was published with indexed, edited messages of all preceding years.
To update your MapHist cd-rom, monthly text files since January 2002 are downloadable from this website. Clicking on the links bring the text in this window, but they are difficult to read. You better can download the files (by right clicking with your mouse and then "save as"). Open the downloaded files with your word processor and you can easily find the information you want with the search option.



You can also download the whole year 2004 as zip-file (705 kB). Click here.


You can also download the whole year 2003 as zip-file (almost 1 Mb). Click here.


You can also download the whole year 2002 as zip-file (almost 1 Mb). Click here.

MapHist CD-Rom 1994-2001

Sorry, there were no new issues since the 1994-2001 edition due to lack of time.
All MapHist-discussions from 1994 up to and including 2001 in pdf-format. The cd-rom includes Acrobat Reader+Search for easy searching and reading. There are no copies available anymore. Mayeb the archives will be published in this web page, in the future, if I can find some time.

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